Friday, December 14, 2007

Joe took me shopping!!!!!!

Well it is December 14 and i have more than 90% of my shopping done, I know, I know, it is hard to believe isn't it? Joe doesn't believe in shopping until the week OF Christmas.... (I'm exagerating only a little) but this year on my b-day he took me to Logan and we shopped all day. It was the best b-day gift I could have gotten. And he didn't even gripe very much, I think he even enjoyed swiping that little piece of plastic....

Brandi was a little upset because she is usually santas "helper" so she has no idea what to expect it is awesome. It's usually Joe who has now idea what to expect! Anyway, it is a relief to know that something will be under the tree that wasn't just the "last thing on the shelf" Yipeeee!

I did get some sad news this week, my cousin who was only 47, passed away of a heart attack out at nucor. He was such a good guy! His mother passed away at only 54, so I'm positive they are having a great reunion. Still it is hard too loose the ones you love especially around the Holidays.

Joe and Stetson got the opportunity to go on a camp out with the scouts tonight brrrrrrrrr I hope they can get some sleep, but as long as they have a good time and do that bonding thing all will be well!!!