Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting into their work....

piggies testing the thickness of his rubber boots....

My kind of pig, put your whole body in there!!!!!

Piggies biting Rugers feet saying "This little boy went to school, this little boy stayed home, this little boy likes beef jerky, this little boy had none, and this little boy cried waaa waaaa waaa all the way home!"
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Well, I think he actually had a great time on his Birthday this yr. He has been working pretty hard for a few yrs now trying to get some pigs that he likes, lots of liters and lots of fun and I think he is pretty good at raising them. This yr we finally got quite a few babies that we could sell to some 4-H kids so we had a little sale on a Saturday which ended up falling on his birthday, so the kids and i decorated the pig pens with balloons and this banner. His mom brought over some birthday cake and punch to serve to the kids comeing to get their pigs. It was a great time, he was a little embarrassed at first but ended up enjoying the day.
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