Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summers Reunion

Our Family, funny, fantastic, flawed, friendly, frustrating, but most importantly, FOREVER.
Water, water, water!!! I am so glad joe loves the water so he can share this stuff with the kids.

They love the water, they only got out of the lake to eat and sleep.

This picture is funny, it looks like Stetson wacked Brandi in the nose, but he didn't. I think she hit it on the tube, but it was perfect timing for the picture.

I wish we made more time for more boating trips, but we shoved alot of fun into three days. It will last them for a while i guess!!

Ru had fun just paddleing around on the kneeboard from the edge of the water to the bouys.

He also took a remote control boat the he loved speeding in the water

Here is Stets riding around on the pontoon. Joe won it in a drawing about 8 years ago and this is the first time it has been in the water. He tried his hand a fishing but no luck..

We had such a great time!! It was alot of fun to see joes brothers and sisters and visit with them.

Cant wait till the "summers escape 09, the sequal"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mid Lif Crisis Again

I have decided that its ok to have several mid life crisis'. It has to be. Otherwise I would have to find another reason why im always "freaking out".

Brandi just finished her drivers ed class for school, and passed. She dosen't even turn 15 till august, but because of volleyball they let her do it during the summer. So I have been taking her over to the driving range at the school and letting her drive the tahoe through all the different "obstacles". I tried not to have the "HOLY SH**!" look on my face, but inside, my guts were all messed up.
I was very impressed with her, she did very well and passed the driving test too. so when august rolls around and she gets her permit i guess we get to let her drive us around (UGH!)
And the thoughts of her driving on her own at 16 are a breeze compared to what its going to be like to have that boy come to the door and want to "take her out". I can't even entertain that thought yet, I have a year.......

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pup update....

They are so much fun, I couldn't help but post the one with his mout wide open... It looks like he is yelling "MOM"!!! or "HELP"!! anyway they are sure snuggley (sp?) and fun!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Away at last!!

Well we finally got away for a family vacation, with just the family..... We went to Vernal for their stock show and the kids each took a hog to show. They did so well and had a great time. It is amazing how much better they get with every fair.
Ruger took 2nd in his division in fitting and showmanship (thats where the judge judges you instead of your hog) and Stetson got third in his division. So they were excited. Ruger got a big ol belt buckle which he slept with that night. And Stets got a really nice garment bag(he wasn't so thrilled, but I was). Levi did good, it was his first fitting a showmanship so he is still just learning. Brandi had some tough competition and her hog didn't want to participate to good so she was just glad to have it done.

Anyway it was a great time, full of fun memories....