Monday, February 6, 2012

My Brandi Boo!!!

About the most difficult thing to do this far in my years of being a mom has been letting this vivacious crazy, beautiful, strong, happy, spiritual, amazing, funny, bubbly, tender, gentle, careing, etc. etc. etc. daughter of mine move away to college..........
It pulled at my heart strings so hard i was sure i was gonna break.    The battle that goes on inside is a crazy hard one,  knowing that she needed to grow and experience things that only moveing away from home could give her, and also knowing that i would miss her crazy fun, bubbly personality being in my home EVERY day!!  
Even now as the tears are rolling down my cheeks, i wouldn't trade it for anything,  She is growing so much on the inside learning who she is, what she values, what she wants her life to become and most of all, self confidence and self worth.
I am so thankful that i got to stay at home with my kids as they were growing up, I am very lucky to be able to say that i did try to enjoy every minute with her when she was little.  ( Im still really really sorry about the whole easy bake oven incident, but im just not a good baker not matter how "EASY" the box said it would be).   But my arms still ache to hold her, comfort her, and fix the owies that she gets.   That will never change.   Takeing a tiny step back, watching her find her wings to fly has been an amazing experience!!!!