Wednesday, September 30, 2009


SMILE STETSON!!! or ill make you smile.funny kids
brandi could only make friends with the bovine
Mick was helping the board guys, and he was doin a mighty fine job!!!
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more wahsing.....

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Wash, wash, wash, thats all we seem to do with this piggies. Cause they love to get dirty. It is much funner to wash them with buddies, thanks friends for makeing our trip way more fun!!!

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Brandi was just wanting to get a little too friendly with this steer, there are huge snot wads heading at her somewhere in this picture........hehehhe
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State fair fun....

This is Brandi's friend Kayden's steer, she was pretending that she knew what she was doing here.....

Im pretty sure the steer is wishing B had a tic tac.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Date Dance for my B

Exciting yet a little sad is how i would describe the night of B's first date, at least for me...She looked beautiful and she was so excited!!! She went with Kayden to his Homecomeing in SF, which is great because we are going to be at the State Fair during our Homecoming so she still go to go to one... Love you B, it is tons of fun being your mom!

Band-aides, I should have had someone teach her how to wear high heels way before now!!!! OOPS!! moms bad. :(
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Monday, September 7, 2009

THis is called holding....duh....

Stets was haveing a little trouble with this little 32,
Stets just kept trying to get him off,
But he just kept hanging on, in football we call this "holding" Im surprised Stets didnt just turn and deck him, glad , but surprised.
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FOOTBALL has begun!!!!

stets is telling joe how good it feels to lay a kid out!!!
Since Ru hurt his finger he hasnt been able to play so he gets to be on the chain-gang
thats Stets and Keaton tackleing ....
that is stets and keaton flatting....
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

WARNING: what you may see could be disturbing for some viewers...

This is what happens when you combine steel, cement, and flesh.... the flesh NEVER wins!!! this is what happened to Ru's finger at the fair this yr. He was playing on some of the gates when one swung shut, Ugh! All the way to the hospital he just kept saying, "I dont want a shot, will i have to get a shot?" he is petrafied of needles. I cant say that i blame him. He is a trooper and tough as nails!!! Split the bone but it should heal good.....
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Friendship is as delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks"

My sweet 16 yr old...

It really happened, she turned 16 on the 25th of august. I am speechless as to tell you how i feel about this beautiful girl that God blessed me with. She is my best girl friend ever!! The flowers are from her guy friend, Kayden, and the next picture is of the gift that stetson gave her----a rubber chicken---with a note that says "nothing HONKS as good as you !" because of her laugh. And yes that really is her laugh.......

The next one is a pooh bear that ruger gave her, because that is of course her favorite character ever....since birth.
Levi gave her some pooh bear coloring books with new crayons. I love it when the boys want to get her something from them without help. it truely shows their personalities.

Her dad and i are still trying to locate her birthday gift. im sure she thinks we just havent gotten her anything, but some gifts just take time.....
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