Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are ya achin for some bacon?

These are a few of our 40 new piggies......Aren't they so cute??? Stetson asked Joe if he would bring one of them to his school to show his teacher. Joe actually brought it in the house and gave it a wash down and took it to school for him. Well apparently, Stets ended up taking it to three classes. He said that one of his teachers was holding it so close he thought she was going to smoother it.

Then Joe decided to pop in on Ru class and also Scooches class at the elementary school. Then he dropped in on Amy Jo's class to show them. I was kinda worried about that one, there is a kido there that doesn't appreciate loud noises and if that pig had squealed like they usually do he would have bolted.

Anyway, I'm glad that he took it to their schools, I think the kids had a great time showing their classmates. So i hope if any of your kids got a chance to see it , that it was a positive experience for them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

State Wrestling

Boo, Ed, Baba, Scooch, and i got to go down to watch my nephew wrestle. We had a great time, although joe was here helping birth 24 baby piggies. We stayed in a hotel thursday night and friday night came home saturday it was alot of fun! As you can see Scooch didn't watch the wrestlers much. He was all for the Cheerleaders!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mean enough????

Here is Ru trying on his cousins wrestling head gear. We went to wacth him wrestle at the High School and Ru put his gear on and we told him to give us a "mean" look. After several tries we knew this was as mean as it was going to get. Furocious huh?.....what a nut!!

Muy Guapo

Hola, como esatas? Me llamo Stetson.....(i think that makes sense) this is Stetson at the Schools world fair. He says he hated it but, i'm thinkin he didn't. He did his report on Spain and, thanks to his uncle Layne, he had some great things to display. He had a great outfit to go with this hat but no guts to put it on. He did a great job and I'm REALLY glad it's over till next year when Ru get to do it. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to get Spain again. (we saved the report just in case....haha)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow show........

Snow snow snow.....

I totally have a great appreciation for the loader tractor!!!! oh my heck, I drove into town today and i couldn't believe all the people out shoveling and shoveling and shoveling and snowblowers and i couldnt believe it. I never really gave it too much thought, but today i have totally dwelled (sp?) on it. Probably because i needed a kick in the head to remind me of how lucky i am to live where i live and have what i have.
I have a cool pic of my front porch with a wall of snow on it. I hate not haveing the picture to post but if i don't post now, I loose the words to how I feel.