Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Basketball boy...

Stets made the freshman basketball team this year and it has been a riot to go watch him play. Althought it is way fun to see him make a shot or stuff someone or grab a steel, what is more fun for me is to see the way he acts with his team mates and how he deals with frustration.... im so happy that he is mentally on the court "with" his team. And realizes that even though he really really loves the game, and that a win is always best, that it is just a game. I need to take some lessons from him cause sometimes i forget that it is just a game and i get all caught up in the yelling and cussing.
I especially have a hard time when he is getting some elbows thrown at him i just wanna go punch some kids.....see im getting all caught up right now :) Stets always tells me "Mom you just need to calm down" and then i get the big bear hug he always has for me. What a great young man he is turning into. Love ya bud!!

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Tiff said...

I loved watching him tonight! He is a super young man. Your kids are great role models for mine to look up to!